Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Maal Hijrah n New Year

salam diary,
nengokkan tajuk tu.. rasanya makna dia sama je.. cuma the first is tahun islam.. which fall on 29th December 2008 (1430H).... maknanya lembaran or buku baru untuk umat islam.. well.. what is my azam? frankly speaking.. i have no new azam.. and never have? hmmm... teruknya.. but i think i know what i want to do this year.. to settle all my debt! ruginya idup dok bayar utang je.. tensen tul.. tak leh nak menyimpan langsung.. so what can i do? work harder and earn more! pas tu baru leh relaks.. for now mmg tak buleh.. i have to work and settle my debt first.. but pity to my children.. they have to go to the nursery.. this time i don't think will take a maid.. walaupun mahal nak antar nursery.. but i think i'm better without maid.. harap2 ok la.. huhuhuhu...
berdoa banyak2 agar dosa yang dilakukan dapat diampuni dan tahun yang akan datang akan lebih diberkati dan diredhai.. insya allah

kerja baru

salam diary,
actually i've got a new job last month.. started on 24th november 2008.. alhamdulillah.. rezeki kurniaan Allah.. baru bercadang mencari kerja.. and my former boss call me up to attend a seminar.. she got a new project on web development.. so she was looking for new staffs.. so she called me for work.. but the job are very challenging.. coz we have to develop the website within a month! which is no other business partner have done that... i have to work day and night to meet their timeline.. it was very tiring.. and we only have 2 staffs.. me and the other guy.. thats the challenging part!
development was on linux platform using liferay application running on tomcat and java.. a new thing to me actually.. although i've done few website/cms portal using an open source, but this is the first time i've heard about liferay... can refer to this url and this cms opensource exist more than 10 years actually.. but it is not as popular as joomla and others...
so, i have to learn about liferay and to adapt with the environment.. also have to learn how to setup the server using suse enterprise.. very interesting...
after a month developing, the only staff we have quit! he got a better offer and he resigned 24hours.. arggghhh.. i'm alone! but luckily, my boss manage to get another staff.. and am looking for more staffs...
besides doing liferay, i also have another job on joomla to be done.. have been postponing the job quite a while.. kesian akak tu.. hope i can finish the job and showed it to her for viewing..
insya allah.. hmmm although dah keje, still need to have another side income.. letih...
but what to do.. got to pay my debt...


salam diary,
just got out from SJMC ward last sunday after been there for about 4 days.. start from the eve of christmas sampai that sunday... sebab? saya sakit sangat bila nak bernafas.. so malam tu gak pi klinik tapi no clinics were open at 10.30 pm.. so we decided to go to SJMC and i was warded that night.. kene x-tray, amek darah dsbnya.. so malam tu tido kat wad.. my children were taken to umah wan by my sister yang datang ke SJMC malam tu jugak.. hubby tido kat ward temankan i..
so the next morning, doctor check and diagnose that i'm having pneumonia.. so kene amek antibiotic, blood sample again, and also diorang nak my flame (kahak) dalam bahse dokter, tak reti nak nyebut... tapi sampai ke sudah kahak tak de untuk dikeluarkan.. sampai dokter suruh physioteraphy (betul ke eja nih) dtg untuk tepuk2 belakang macam budak kecik tu la.. hehehe.. tapi masa dia buat tu.. sedap je sebab belakang kene tepuk.. macam berurut plak.. hahahaha.. but still kahak tak kuar.. so the second day, dokter x-ray my nose.. and it was found out that mmg my sinus dah quite bad.. and the dokter suspect that my sinus yang dah merebak ke my paru2.. so dia bagi antibiotik for my sinus tu pulak.. so days goes on.. my batuk dah kurang.. dokter discharge me from ward tapi still bagi mc another 2 days sebab dia kata i'm still not fully recovered.. and selepas ni i have to do a followup on my sinus..
so balik la saya ke rumah ari ahad tu.. lega sket.. walaupun tak berapa sehat betul.. sebab bila berdiri macam nak pitam.. rasa menggigil.. but today dah okay.. dah bawak keta dari puncak alam ke shah alam...
so lepas ni kene buat treatment on my sinus pulak.. if guna ubat tak jalan gak.. kene operation.. aduh.. harap2 tak perlu operation la..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Majlis Penganugerahan

salam diary,
last thursday was our son's school punye majlis penganugerahan.. Harith was one of the students yang akan dapat hadiah.. hehe.. first time you.. he got number 3 for his class.. alhamdulillah.. at least dapat la jugak kan.. i'm proud of him.. walaupun jumlah markah dia tak la bagus sangat.. but ok la... as long as dia idak le dapat last.. ye tak..

the day went well.. we didn't bring our camera but fortunately, kawan man pun datang jugak tengok anak dia pun dapat hadiah.. and he brought a camera. so apa lagi.. man pun mintak la dia amekkan gambar anak kami.. hehehe... camera canggih tu.. berkenan tapi buat masa ni mmg tak leh la nak beli lagi.. next time..

alhamdulillah.. semua berjalan lancar but we didn't stay till the end.. harith is in standard 2.. jenuh la nak tunggu sampai bebudak darjah 6 amek hadiah.. ramai giler.. dah la setiap standard tu ada lebih 10 kelas.. jenuh.. so kami pun lepas harith dapat hadiah.. terus chow... hehehe..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Men Have Duties Too!

salam diary,
good article i found from

Men Have Duties Too!!

Since I reverted to Islam I’ve often done tons of research to know how to become the best wife I possibly can Inshaállah. I’ve noticed it’s very easy to find compiled lists of what a wife should and shouldn’t do but also noticed how hard it is to find that list for brothers. Why does everyone concentrate on the wife? Wife must obey the husband, wife should look pretty for husband, wife must keep a clean home, blah blah blah the list goes on. I’m not saying that the list isn’t in any way wrong because I try my best to practice those duties as a wife but I think “some” brothers also should remember they have duties more than just bringing in the money. So as to a few requests I’ve gotten from sisters here is a list I was able to compile from two articles written by scholars.

“Among His signs is the fact that he has created spouses from among yourselves, so that you may find tranquillity with them; and he has put love and mercy between you. In that are signs for people who reflect.” [Qur'an 30:21]

“They (wives) are garments for you, while you are garments for them.”[Qur'an 2:187]

“From among the believers are those who have the kindest disposition and are the kindest to their families- such are those who show the most perfect faith. “The best among them are those who are kindest to their wives.”
[Bukhari and Muslim]

1. The first and worthiest condition of marriage to be fulfilled by the husband is to “keep the promise or promises he made to the wife at the time he married her.

This is an order of the Prophet (saaws) according to the hadith: “ahaqqu al-shuruti an tufu bihi ma astahlaltum bihi min al-furuj”

2. Maintenance and protection, responsible for the welfare of the wife as prescribed in the Qu’ran.

“Men shall take full care of women with the bounties which Allah has bestowed more abundantly on the former than on the latter, and with what they may spend out of their possessions….”. [Qur'an 4:34]
Husband is financially responsible for the feeding, clothing and shelter of the wife and children. The wife has no obligation to financially contribute to the household unless she has the means and wishes to do so. Treat her generously,The Prophet (saaws) said that the best gift or charity (sadaqa) is that spent on one’s wife.

3. Spend time with her, give her time for marital relations. Husbands don’t stay at home full time and shouldn’t expect the wife too either. Take her places that are good for your family and let her enjoy time off from her duties also. Give her a break!

“…….There is no amusement which is praiseworthy except three, namely training a horse, sporting with one’s wife and shooting arrows with a bow.” [Abu Da'ud, Ibn Majah and Baihaqi]

In illustration of this practice, Aisha (raa) records that on more then one occasion she and the Prophet (saws) ran races and sometimes she won and sometimes he won. Most men nowadays consider it far beneath their dignity to play any sort of game with their wives, and their marriages are the duller and poorer for it.

4. Don’t order her to do something that is against Islam.

The Prophet (s) said: “No obedience is due to creatures in disobedience of the Creator” (la ta`atan li makhluqin fi ma`siyat al-khaliq).

5. Be patient with your wife!
“Live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If you take a dislike to them, it may be that you dislike a thing while Allah brings about through it a great deal of good.” [Qur'an 4:19]
Remember she is human and will make mistakes just as everyone else. No one can be perfect. She will have bad days, support her on those bad days and be patient with her. Don’t dwell on the dislikes, instead focus on the likes!

6. Respect your wife and pay attention to her needs the way you would like her to respect you and your needs.

7. Be faithful in your marriage. Show your wife that you are obeying Allah (swt) at all times.

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and to be mindful of their chastity: verily this will be most conductive to their purity (and) verily Allah is aware of all that they do.” [Qur'an 24:30]

“From among the believers are those who have the kindest disposition and are the kindest to their families- such are those who show the most perfect faith. “The best among them are those who are kindest to their wives.”
[Bukhari and Muslim]

8. Help with household chores
Aisha (raa) was asked by Al-Aswad b. Yazid what the Prophet used to do in the house. She replied: “He used to work for his family, that is serve his family, and when prayer time came, he went out for prayer.” [Bukhari]
Remember that it is not a wife’s duty to clean or cook. It is the husband’s responsibility to provide servants to do these things. If a wife decides to clean and cook then this is a gift to her husband, please be thankful to her!

9. Don’t make a fuss about the food your wife cooks for you. She works hard preparing it!!

“Allah’s Messenger never found fault with food. If he liked something, he ate it, and if he disliked it, he just abstained from it.” [Muslim]

10. When she is sick be sympathetic and patient with her as she is with you in times of illness and pains.

Aisha (radiallahu ‘anha) reported that whenever she was sick, the Prophet (saws) would come to her to show his sympathy. Nor, was he ashamed to let it be known that his love for his wife was greater then his love for any other human being. It is recorded in the Hadith collections of Bukhari and Muslim that someone asked the Prophet: “Who among all the people is most beloved by you?” And he said “Aisha”.

11. Never tell secrets of the household or of the husband and wife.

12. Strive to acquire and keep her trust.

13. Protect her honor and do not put her in the position where it could be compromised.

The Prophet (saaws) said that Allah will not ever let him enter Paradise who cares little who shares his wife’s privacy.


14. Exercise patience and forgiveness in times of disagreements and disputes.

15. Avoid excess jealousy.

The Prophet (saaws) said: “Do not be excessively jealous of your wife lest evil be hurled at her on your account” (la tukthir al-gheerata `ala ahlika fa turama bi al-su’i min ajlik) and he said: “Allah is jealous and the believer is jealous; and Allah’s jealousy is that the believer should not go to that which Allah has forbidden for him” (inna Allaha yagharu wa al- mu’minu yagharu wa gheerat Allahi in ya’tiya al-mu’minu ma harrama `alayhi).

16. Do not stay away from your wife or keep her in suspense without her consent.
“Turn not away (from your wife) altogether, so as to leave her hanging. If you come to a friendly understanding and practice self-restraint, then Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Merciful” [4:129].

17. Do not beat your wife

The Prophet (saaws) indicated that if a man must beat his wife it should be more or less symbolic, with something like a toothbrush.

The Prophet (saaws) himself very much disliked the beating of wives, and never beat any of his own. In Abu Da’ud’s collection of Hadith he is reported by Laqit B. Sabrah to have said:
“Admonish your wife, and if there be any good in her she will receive it; and beat not your wife like a slave.”

In another Hadith from Ayas b. Abdullah he specifically said:

“Do not beat Allah’s female servants (i.e women)” [Abu Da'ud, Ibn Majah]

“Do not strike your wife in the face.”

18. Your wife doesn’t have to stay locked up in the home all day.

The following Hadith is narrated by Aisha (raa):

“Umar once criticised the Prophet’s wife Saudah for going out, saying he had recognised her in the street. So she appealed to the Prophet (saws) for support and he supported her saying: “Women have the right to go out for their needs.” [Bukhari]

Similarly the Prophet (saws) allowed his wives and other women to go out to the Mosques for their prayers. He also advised other men:

“Do not prevent the female servants of Allah (i.e Mosques)” [Muslim]

19. Educate your wife in terms of Islam and stop her from going against Islam.
“O you who have attained to faith! Ward off from yourselves and your families that fire (of the hereafter) whose fuel is Human beings and stones.” [Qur'an 66:6]

In this respect a husband has a duty to ensure that his wife is fully educated as a Muslim either by teaching her himself or by arranging for her Islamic education by other means.

Islam has given the man authority as the head of the family, and he is expected to abide by the Qur’an and Sunnah and endeavour to ensure that his family do not violate Islamic norms of behavior.

20. Care for your wife’s sexual needs. Believe it or not this is an obligation!

The Prophet (saaws) warned against rushing to gratify one’s pleasure and forgetting that of one’s wife. He also disliked that the husband should quickly withdraw from his wife afterwards, as it is a strain upon the wife. If she asks for intercourse, he should not refuse.

Inshaállah married brothers and sisters will strive to remember their duties in their marriage. When something goes wrong in a home it not only effects the household but it ripples out into the community and spreads.

Contributed by Sister Shoruoq

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


salam diary,
sedihnye ari nih.. got to know.. that someone yg i kenal from YM rupanya bengang with me..
patut la all this while bile tanya dia macam jawab tanak jawab je.. rupanya dia marah ngan aku..

mmg aku banyak tanya dia pasal webdesigning ni especially using joomla.. and dia sendiri cakap dia mmg sokong orang buat bisnes ni.. and work hard for it.. thats what i'm doing.. but then.. theres something yg aku buat dia tak suka.. which is i took his sample/content from his website and put it on my website.. ok.. i admit i did that.. tapi tak ikut 100%.. aku remove mana2 part yang tak related with me.. bukannye aku tiru sebijik2 dari web dia and letak kat my web.. argghh sedihnya...

this is what he wrote kat YM yang buat aku terhidu rupanya dia ni marah ngan aku..
"awak ni dh jadi competitor sy.... kena lah ada marketing strategy sendiri"
dia jawab macam ni sebab aku tanya dia on the price yang dia akan caj if ada company nak buat website ngan dia... aku just nak compare rate dia.. sebab aku mmg tak de pengalaman lagi on how much people charge to do the website using CMS Joomla nih... that is why aku tanya dia...
tah la ye.. all this while i was like mmg nak berkawan ngan dia and to know or get more knowledge on the web biz.. tapi cenggini lak jadiknya..

well.. i've learnt my lesson.. and thank you.. dia bagitau.. aku tak marah ngan dia.. infact i blame myself for not thinking first before developing my website and also my taking for granted on people yg dah bagi ilmu pada aku..

thanks again.. for your help...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

80/20 rule

salam diary,
an article i received in my inbox.. a very good one to read..

Subject: A very good one 80/20 rule..

A very valuable lesson to learn...

Interesting quote from the movie 'Why did I get married?' In most cases, especially in relationships, you will only get 80% of what you NEED and you will hardly get the other 20% that you WANT in your relationship. There is always another person (man or women) that you will meet and that will offer you the other 20% which is lacking in your relationship that you WANT And believe me, 20% looks really good when you are not getting it at all in your current relationship. But the problem is that you will always be tempted to leave that good 80% that you know you have, thinking that you will get something better with the other 20% that you WANT But as reality has proven, in most cases, you will always end up with having the 20% that you WANT and loosing the 80% that you really NEED and that you already had. Be careful in deciding between what you WANT and NEED in your life.

Adultery happens when you start looking for what you don't have. 'Wow,
this girl in my office is a real looker. But it's not her Wynona Rider features that got me. I'm crazy about her because she's also understanding, intelligent, tender - so many things that my spouse is not'

Somewhere along the way, you'll find a woman or a man who will be more charming or sensitive. More alluring. More thoughtful. Richer. Have greater sex appeal. And you will find a woman or man who will need you and pursue you and go loco over you more than your spouse ever did. Because no wife or husband is perfect. Because a spouse will only have 80% of what you're looking for. So adultery takes place when a husband or wife looks for the missing 20%. Let's say your wife is melancholic by nature.

You may find yourself drawn to the pretty clerk who has a cherry laugh no matter what she says: 'I broke my arm yesterday, Hahahaha . . ..' Or because your wife is a homebody in slippers and pajamas, smelling of garlic and fish oil, you may fall for a fresh-smelling young sales representative that visits your office in a sharp black blazer, high heels, and a red pencil-cut skirt Or because your husband is the quiet type, your heart may skip a beat when you meet an old college flame who has the makings of a talk show host.

But wait! That's only 20% of what you don't have. Don't throw away the 80% that you already have! That's not all. Add to your spouse's 80% the 100% that represents all the years that you have been with each other. The storms you have weathered together. The unforgettable moments of sadness and joy as a couple. The many adjustments you have made to love the other. The wealth of memories that you've accumulated as lovers. Adultery happens when you start looking for what you don't have. But faithfulness happens when you start thanking God for what you already have. But I'm not just talking about marriage.

I'm talking about life!

About your jobs.
About your friends.
About your children.
About your lifestyles.

Are you like the economy airline passenger that perennially peeks through the door of the first class cabin, obsessed with what he's missing? 'They have got more leg room! Oh my, their food is served in porcelain! Wow, their seats recline at an 80% angle and they've got personal videos!'

I guarantee you'll be miserable for the entire trip! Don't live your life like that. Forget about what the world says is first class. Do you know that there are many first class passengers who are miserable in first class -- because they are not riding in a private Lear Jet?

The main message???

If you start appreciating what you have right now, wherever you are,
you are first class!

Have a pleasant day


salam diary,
familiar with the topic? this is the topic that is being discuss currently at our portal.. hmm..

bercakap/tulis pasal poligami ni, dah macam2 kita baca, lihat dan sebagainya.. tak penah abis.. kat tiwi, kat suratkhabar mmg banyak kisah2 suka dan duka.. ada yang ok ada yang tak ok..

tapi pada hakikatnya.. poligami adalah suatu perbuatan(err.. perkara?) yg dibenarkan dalam islam.. dan sure kengkawan tau ayat yang famous tu.. aku tak leh nak recall which surah or verses lam quran yang suh kite berkahwin 4 tapi if tak buleh kawin 3, if tak leh gak kawin 2.. dan adalah lebih baik 1 aje.. (if salah tolong betulkan)..

anak2 kene pikir jugak.. adakah kite ni dah cukup bagus dalam mendidik anak2 sampai nak beristeri lebih dari 1? anak2 amanah yang amat besar.. bukan pada si ibu sahaja.... tapi pada si bapa juga..(bab ni kene bukak thread lain plak.. banyak yg boleh dikongsikan bab mendidik anak2.) . Isteri pun nak kene didik jugak.. kalau sorang pun tak terdidik menjadi isteri yg solehah.. masih nak berangan isteri sorang lagi? dan aku dapati.. selalunya.. isteri pertama ni perwatakan dia agak bertentangan ngan isteri kedua.. kalau isteri pertama jenis pendiam.. isteri kedua ni selalunya jenis banyak cakap.. isteri pertama jenis belajar pun lebih kurang.. yg kedua ni jenis educated.. vice versa..

aku sokong je ape yang terbaik.. apetah lagi jika ia mmg dibenarkan.. tapi jgn la.. tang poligami nak ikut sunnah.. tapi hat yang lain tak pulak nak ikut bebetul... tu yang tak syok tu... but easy to say than done! ni aku la nih.. cakap macam ok je.. tapi bile kene bebetul tak tau la macam mana.. anyway.. ape yang aku nak nyatakan disini...

apeee yang penting! kerjaaasama (err.. baca lam gaya kartun wonder pets!.. bm version.. heheheh).. bak kata ustaz hasrizal( yang penting adalah komunikasi.. penting untuk kite berkomunikasi antara suami isteri, antara anak2.. setiap masalah boleh diselesaikan.. yang penting.. COMMUNICATE..

sirah nabi pun ada menceritakan.. masa nabi berpoligami.. banyak juga kejadian yang melibatkan pergaduhan/perselisihan antara isteri2 nabi.. jadik kite ni.. sure ada perkara2 yang berlaku yg tidak memuaskan hati beberapa pihak..

prevention is better than cure.. sama macam isu ni.. sebelum suami nak meminta.. or ada tanda2 nak ke arah tu.. kite buatlah sesuatu.. seperti: communicate la.. tanya dia apa yang tak kena, apa yang dia tak puas hati.. dan sebagainya.. pastu.. dalam solat, jgn lupa doakan yang terbaik.. doakan agar perhubungan suami isteri baik.. pastu masa masak.. baca doa2 yang baik yg banyak ustazah ada ajar.. supaya suami sayang kat kite.. jgn lak bagi ubat penunduk pulak..

TAPI.. kalau Allah dah takdirkan, kite akan bermadu.. (kalau boleh elakkan bercerai.. walaupun dibenarkan tapi Allah amat membencinya).. aku sarankan..ceewaahh.. macam pakar motivasi plak.. buat istiharah,solat sunat bebanyak.. segala solat sunat kalau boleh buat.. buatlah.. bila solat, mintak doa bebanyak.. mintak kat Allah jika ini adalah lebih baik untuk diri kita.. maka perbaikilah amalan kite dan ampunkan la dosa kita... (teringat kat lam cite ayat2 cinta tu.. part yg si Fahri ni kat lam penjara... orang yg sepenjara ngan dia cakap kat dia.. nape dia tak doa kat Allah macam nabi yusof.. kalau dia akan lebih dekat ngan Allah (lebih menginsafi diri, lebih bertaubat..basically lebih baik la..) bila dalam penjara, maka biarlah dia dipenjara..
so, sama macam ni jugak la.. if bermadu itu lebih baik.. maka biarlah bermadu.. dan bila dah bermadu ni.. buatlah perkara yang mmg kite dah buat sebagai isteri sebelum ni.. jgn pulak nak balas dendam.. anak2 kite kene jaga dengan penuh kasih sayang...

again, easy to say than done! ni aku peringat kat diri aku n kengkawan la...

apa yang baik tu dari Allah jua...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ebay n PayPal

salam diary,
i have to find a time to check my ebay and pay pal account.. i have to do something and start something.. i have a collections of stamps that i would like to sell at ebay but i don't know how.. i need money to pay my debt.. i really need to work on this.. dear Allah, please give me strength to work hard n enrich my knowledge in islam and earn more money to pay my debt.. that is all i wanted to do..

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ikan Kerapu Tiga Rasa

salam diary,
today i managed to cook ikan tigarasa using mek pah's recipe.. heheh.. ok la the rasa.. sedap juga to me..
ni style campak2 je.. ikut sedap sendiri..
ikan sekor
bawang besar, serai, halia, bawang putih, sos tiram, air asam limau, cili api (semua ni tumbuk sket n campurkan ngan ikan) pastu tambah carrot, tomato..

Seminar Parenting (Membentuk Khalifah masa depan)

salam diary,

we (my husband and I) went for a parenting seminar last saturday.. a very enlightening event.. located at Bilik Titanium, Dewan Sirim, Shah Alam.. started at 3.00pm and ended at about 6.00pm. it was a special day coz we went there without the children.. yeah.. bagi busu depa jaga sat.. petang ja.. busu depa bawak diorang pi umah kawan ayah su..celebrating their children's birthday cum open house... dengarnya ada badut buat magic show.. i know my children looovveee badut and the balloons...

as for us.. mmg mengujakan la.. dah lama tak dating.. so ni peluang nih.. after the seminar.. we went to IKEA.. hehe.. mula ingat nak jenjalan je.. so sambil nunggu man pi solat maghrib.. aku round la sampai bawah.. last2 beli gak tutup kuali rega rm15.. hehehe.. pastu kami beli karipap kegilaan ramai sedozen untuk dibawak balik.. sebab dila n man akan datang umah kami terus untuk antar bebudak tu balik... so ni kire untuk jamu depa la nih sebab dah tolong jagakan anak2.. hehehe..

talking about the seminar.. mmg best.. to me mmg berbaloi la... penceramah is ustaz hasrizal.. the owner of blog mmg interesting.. banyak ilmu yg dapat diperolehi dari ceramah yg disampaikan..
antara perkara yang aku ingat ialah, we have to teach our children what is the objective in life.. why are we send to earth? we as parents.. ade beberapa perkara yang perlu kite sediakan untuk nafkah anak2 iaitu, keperluan fizikal (makan, minum, tempat tinggal), akal (ilmu, pelajaran), emosi (kasih sayang, perhatian), hati (iman, kenal Allah, tahu tujuan Hidup)..

errr.. ada banyak lagi.. tapi kene tengok nota la... hehehe..

at the end of the session.. i got to know that pn jamilah samian (the writer for "cool mom, superdad" book) was one of the participants... after the session is over, i went to her and got to salam with her.. i've told her that i have read her books.. and i've asked her what can i do because i want to do the changes whilst my children has already grown up (not a baby anymore)... and she told me that "it is not too late to make changes".. so i salam again with her and off we go.. well.. it is never too late to do any changes... *wink*

Friday, November 7, 2008

Puding Jagung

salam diary,
my first ever puding jagung.. one of my favourite pudding.. at last i got the recipe and tried it successfully... hehehe.. got the recipe from my neighbour...

300gm tepung kastard
1 tin jagung creamer
5 tin santan
1 1/2 cawan gula
1 sudu kecik garam

add all the above and stir on a very low heat.. stir sampai likat.. and then put it in a loyang.. cool it and then serve...

while cooking...

when its ready... yummy...

this time, cannot wait for my gorgeous.. coz he's having dinner at Mandarin Hotel in KL.. for the 50th Enterprise Dinner or something like that.. so.. will eat and taste it first..

mencari kerja??

salam diary,
am i looking for a job? hmm.. sometimes i feel that i cannot go to work anymore coz i don't know what i can do.. am i going to do network? training? i think i don't have that capability anymore? so should i look for a clerical work? admin work which is not related to IT.. which does not need me to do technical thingy? hmmm what is exactly the job that i'm looking for and i can do?

i've just submitted a form from the MQA website.. online application.. for a post Pegawai Teknologi Maklumat.. hopefully will get a news from them... the closing date will be 11th november.. luckily i know about it today.. thanks to a friend of mine who gave me the info... alhamdulillah...

so.. hoping for the better.. kalau ada rezeki.. ada la tu kan...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gambar terkini kami

salam diary,
ni baru rajin nak mengupload gambar anak2..
and this is the latest one...

hmmm awat nampak kelakar plak rambut nabihah.. selalunye tak cam tu.. yang si abglong plak nampak gigi kat depan tu tak de.. hmmm..

Gambar my beloved and gorgeous man..

yang ni gambar lama la...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Daging Masak Merah

salam diary,
ari ni aku nak cuba masak menu yg lain sket.. aku carik kat internet.. since ada daging kat lam peti ais.. so aku pun surf la resepi daging masak merah.. wallahhh.. ni la hasilnya...

heehhe... lom rasa lagi nih.. nak tunggu my gorjes balik and nak makan sama2.. hehehe...
sure dia terkojut dgn my performance ari nih..

ni resepinya..
daging di rebus dan dihiris..
cili kering yg dah dimesin.., bawang putih dititik, bawang besar dihiris, sos tomato, kicap cair, minyak..

panaskan minyak, tumiskan bawang putih. dah naik bau, masukkan cili kering, tumis sampai cili garing or pecah minyak... masukkan sos tomato (this time saya masukkan cili sos gak sebab sos tomato tak de..), masukkan daging.. then masukkan kicap cair.. if kering sangat.. tambah air sket.. masukkan gula sket.. if suka la.. aku if masak sambal ni mmg letak sket gula.. tak banyak..
pastu last sekali masukkan bawang besar.. gaul2 kejap.. n leh angkat...

ni resepi asal:
300 gm daging lembu
2 biji bawang besar (dihiris)
3 ulas bawang putih (dititik)
125 gm sos tomato
4 sudu besar cili kering (dikisar) Sedikit kicap cair
Garam secukup rasa
Sedikit air
Minyak untuk menumis
Rebus daging dengan ditambah sedikit pewarna merah sehingga empuk. Potong daging lebih kurang sebesar 5 cm. Panasakan minyak & tumis bawang putih sehingga naik baunya. Masukkan cili kering. Tumis sehingga pecah minyak. Masukkan sos tomato & daging yang telah dipotong tadi bersama sedikit air. Tambahkan sedikit garam & kicap cair. Masak sehingga kuah agak kering barulah dimasukkan pula hirisan bawang besar. Kacau seketika & angkat.


dah makan dah.. hehe.. bagi aku sedap la..
tanya man.. dia kata " ok la.. sedap... " hehe cam tak sedap je.. tapi bertambah jugak sepinggan lagi Man.. sedap la kot... heheheh

apa nak jadi?

salam diary,
aku ni selalu je terpk sendiri.. ape la nak jadik ngan aku ni.. ye la kan.. dah la tak keje.. simpanan pun tak de.. duit insurans anak pun tak bayar2 dah lebih 10 bulan.. just imagine.. if rm100 a month, for 10 months.. brape.. pastukan bukan sorang je.. tapi 4 4 orang tak berbayar.. mana le nak korek duit ni... nak keje.. cam payah je nak dapat a good pay punye keje.. ye la kan.. kite keje biasa2 je.. tak la gah macam orang lain.. so nak mintak banyak.. sure susah nak dapat.. tapi tak tau la kot rezeki... anyway.. sekang ni mmg ada gak la usha2 keje nih.. tapi suspen pun ada... boleh ke keje nih? anak2 nanti macam mana? banyak benda la gak nak kene pikir.. amek maid mungkin tak... kesian kat anak2.. nanti if aku keje.. depa laks susah.. dah setahun aku dok umah.. diorang syok je.. nanti if dah keje balik.. sure depa tercarik2..

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today is Monday!

salam diary,
another monday again.. pepagi lagi dah mengamuk.. heheh.. samping baju melayu anak tah ke mana.. kelam kabut, bas pulak datang.. tu yg geram je...

i'm trying not to be stressful all the time... even my doctor advice not to be stressed as it will make our life more miserable and my health will go down.. my sinus will be bad.. currently i'm using nasal spray to control my sinus.. i think it is not as bad as i thought it was.. alhamdulillah... dah gi x-ray last saturday.. since doctor pun tak cakap apa.. so i think tak de yg serius la.. just that i need to continue taking the nasal spray... hopefully i won't get hook with the medicine for a long time.. nampak gaya kene pasang aircond setiap sudut umah so that habuk tak masuk banyak..

so.. my usual routine for the week days.. pepagi kemas umah, mandikan anak2, masak.. continue kerja kat pc nih.. and cam tu la berulang sampai 5 hari seminggu...

nak kene buat jadual nih... really have to do it.. kalau tak gile dibuatnya...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Today's Lunch

salam diary,
ari ni actually tak tau nak masak apa... tengok ape yang ada kat lam peti ais.. nampak la salad, fillet n benda2 yang boleh di buat western food.. so ape lagi.. aku pun buatlah salad tu.. potong carrot.. salad.. buat mashed potato(this time jadik.. ari tu tak jadik.. sebab aku tak potong kiub kentang tu before aku rebus).. kali ni aku potong kecik sket baru rebus.. so baru la dia empuk betul.. hehehe.. yg first attempt ari tu, sebijk2 aku rebus.. so dia lambat empuk.. sampai hangit..sebab terlupa nak tambah air..
pastu bakar je fillet fish n hash brown.. siappp.. gaulkan salad ngan thousand island or mayo biasa tu..

ni la hasilnya.. kualiti gambar agak kureenngg.. coz amek guna camera handphone..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Close Open House

salam diary,
aku namakan "close open house" sebab kitorang tak buat open house untuk kengkawan pun.. cuma ada kawan ofis Man nak datang.. yang dtg ni pun by invitation.. so ada la buat makan2 sket.. jemput mak abah n dila je..

berlangsung pada hari ahad lepas 26hb October... beberapa orang kawan ofis Man datang.. aku dah bangun kul 5 pagi.. benda pertama aku buat adalah agar2 cendul.. hari sebelum tu dah beli santan n cendulnya.. so ari ni is the day.. suspen gak jadik ke tak... ye la kan.. tak penah seumur idup buat agar2 ni.. jgn tak percaya.. hehehe.. aku mmg ikut sebijik2 resipi yg diberi.. as below:
Bhgn bawah:
10gm agar2, 300ml santan, 700ml air, 100gm gula, sedikit garam
caranya: masak agar2 dengan air, agar2 hancur, masuk gula, santan, garam & 350gm cendul.. masuk lam loyang n sejukkan..

Bhgn atas:
10gm agar2, 500ml air, 400ml santan, 150gm gula, 100gm gula merah
caranya: masak agar2 dgn air, masuk gula, gula merah hingga hancur, masuk santan. lapisan bawah dah keras sikit baru letak yang bahagian atas..
saiz loyang is 10cm x 10cm

gambarnya nanti la ye.. since camera dah rosak.. aku guna henfon Man untuk ambik gambar agar2 tu.. Man still tak bagi lagi kat aku.. so sabar la ye..

ha.. ni gambar nye...

seterusnya aku mula memotong bahan2 untuk buat spaghetti sos pulak... bahan2nya (ni resipi aku sendiri.. jenis campak2 je tak de sukatan:
bawang putih n bwg kecik (mayang bentuk kiub)
mince meat, carrot, cornflour, cauliflour, mix vege, daun celery, tomato puree, buah tomato, prego sos, mee spaghetti, oregano leaves
caranya: tumis bawang sampai kekuningan, masukkan mince meat dan tutup kuali.. bg daging tu empuk sket.. pastu masukkan carrot, cornflour, cauliflour, biarkan sekejap.. kemudian masukkan mix vege, daun celery, tomato puree, sos prego dan buah tomato.. masuk gula n garam secukup rasa.. tabur sket oregano leaves.. walllaaahhh.. siap... sebelum makan.. rebus la dulu spaghetti nye tu..

dah siap semuanya tu.. tiba masanya untuk aku start with western food.. baru dok panaskan minyak tetiba api dapur tak nyala.. rupanya gas dah abis! hah.. time aku nak masak ni la gas abis.. so aku pun call la orang gas suh antar gas ngan segera.. hehe.. so sementara menunggu, aku buat la ape yg patut.. siapkan apa yang patut.. umah aku ni tak yah kemas beria.. sebab bukannya besar pun.. 2 langkah dari depan dah leh sampai dapur.. camtu la kira2nya.. aku juga buat barbeque sos yang simple.. that is sos tiram campur ngan lada hitam.. panaskan atas api.. tambah air sket.. patutnya tambah la tepung sagu or jagung untuk bagi pekat sket sos tu.. tapi aku tak buat pun.. sebab tak de tepung2 tu.. so jadiklah aku nye sos tu sos tiram semata.. mmg masin la.. hehehehe... kalau nak buat niaga, tak leh buat cam aku buat tu.. kene sos tiram sket n then nak bagi pekat buh tepung sagu tu... kalau tak.. mmg naya la nak beli sos tiram sebeban..

sambung balik, so sampai je gas, aku pun mula la men 'deep fry' kan fries, nuget, chicken chop dan yg sewaktu dengannya.. sesambil tu kami rotate la pi solat zohor.. gilir2 sebab kalau tak.. sapa lak nak jaga api gorengan tu.. lam kul 3.40 petang kot.. baru la si zulzaidi n family sampai.. zaidi ni x-staff PD... wife dia laks is my junior masa skolah menengah dulu.. tu yang cam dah kenai lama.. padahal si shida tu junior 10 thn dari aku...

tak lama lepas tu baru si syed n wife.. ni first time jumpa wife syed.. so kami makan2 dan borak2.. tak lama pastu mak abah n dila datang.. pastu depa balik.. tak lama pas tu pulak kengkawan man yang bujang laks sampai.. 3 orang jejaka.... depa sampai dah nak maghrib.. so depa solat lu.. pastu sorang lagi staff PD mai.. anak dara.. dtg dengan adik dia.. so.. makan la.. bagi perabih pe semua.. depa pun balik.. time ni aku dah mengantuk gile.. aku makan pun sampai nak tertidur.. masa tu kene tunggu adik lelaki lak.. dia kata nak dtg tapi lewat sket.. mak abah aku pun dok tunggu dia.. tak sampai2.. aku dah mengantuk gilerr.. sampai je adik lelaki ku itu.. tak lama pastu mak abah balik.. aku dah tak kire dah.. kat depan tu jugak aku tidur.. hehe.. nak cuba tido2 ayam tapi tak buleh.. tak larat nak bukak mata dah.. sian adik aku tu.. sib baik dia tak kesah.. so pastu dia pun balik.. kami semua masuk tido la.. legaaaa...

esoknya baru la aku mengemas.. sib baik la isnin tu cuti.. cuti deepavali.. so kemas la umah tu sket2.. sekian.. tu la cite 'close open house' umah aku..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Next Project

salam diary,
actually tengah pening.. nak update website nak redesign lagi and also i'm thinking of hosting another domain name for my website.. tapi... sambung nanti.. anak nak mandi laks...

hmm sambung sket..

terbantut sket project ni.. sebab tak de idea la sekang nih... dok terpk2 lagi nak buat camne with my project nih..

Open House

salam diary,
ari ni ada open house lagi.. dah ujung2 bulan syawal.. makin banyak pulak open house.. ari ni saje ada 3.. tapi rasanya pegi 2 je kot.. sebab jarak antara 2 open house tu pun agak jauh.. esok ahad pun ada lagi.. tapi tak leh nak pi sebab ada kekawan ofis hubby nak datang umah.. hehehe.. memula kata 2 family je.. last2 dalam 3, 4 keluarga kot.. ye la kan.. bila dah bercerita kat opis tu.. ada la yang mendengarnya.. takkan tanak jemput pulak... anyway.. tak kesah la sape nak datang.. dipersilakan...

bab kunjung mengunjung ni atau nama lain ziarah ni adalah satu ibadat.. bukan suka2.. so if kite berziarah ni.. dapat pahala tau.. tuan rumah patut gembira.. tapi kene jaga la adab2 bagi tetamu mauhpun tuan rumah.. baru dapat pahala beribadah..

nak masak apa ya untuk tetamu ni.. aku ni bukannya jenis rajin masak.. kalau masak pun tak berapa nak sedap.. so.. Man cakap.. buat western food je la.. hehehe..

so my menu will be:
spaghetti - ni dah biasa buat
chicken chop
agar2 (ni baru first time nak try.. mintak resepi dari jiran seblah)

nanti aku bagi resepi untuk spaghetti yg biasa aku buat n agar2 yang jiran seblah bagi tu.. aku actually dah biasa makan dah agar2 tu.. tapi yg jiran buat la.. so ni nak try buat sendiri.. tak tau la jadik ke tak...

bab tetamu ni kan.. aku bukannya tak suka diorang dtg.. tapi aku takut aku tak dapat nak beri yg terbaik pada tetamu tu nanti.. maklumla.. umah ni kecik je.. pastu bab makanan.. mmg kureng la.. tu yg kekadang suspen je.. padahal rasanya tetamu tak kesah pun bab2 tu semua.. aku ni je kot yg lelebih... kan best kalau aku suka memasak n pandai masak(penting nih).. sebab sure orang suka dtg umah kite n sure kite rajin ajak orang datang sebab kite ada makanan untuk dihidangkan pada para tetamu.. hehehe...

Monday, October 20, 2008

kemaruk berblog plak

salam diary,
now ni dok rajin plak nak menulis lam blog nih.. hehehe.. dah dapat hobi baru la pulak.. bukannya ape.. kekadang apa yang terbuku kat hati ni nak jugak diluahkan.. nak luah kat anak2.. depa tak paham lagi.. nak luahkan kat hubby.. cam benda remeh je.. sebab kite nak cite suka2.. nanti kang cite kat hubby.. jadik serius laks...

ari ni anak yg bongsu tu tak sehat.. dok "nak umiii.. nak umii" je dia.. letih.. tapi malam dia dah ok.. dah leh main n makan.. kalau tak.. minum susu je muntah... sian nengok...

lepas ni nak cite pasal anak2 lah..

No. 1
nama: Muhammad Harith Yusof bin Norazman
tarikh lahir: 2 December 2000 (bulan ramadhan)
time: kul 1 tgh hari sabtu..
tempat lahir: Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar
dokter yg menyambut: Dr Norashikin Mokhtar
dokter baby: Dr kamaruddin
pemberi nama: harith- wan shah alam ngan yusof - tok kodiang.. kami tambah muhammad je..
panggilan: harith (panggilan org shah alam), yusof (panggilan org kodiang), abg long panggilan kami anak beranak..

No. 2
nama: Muhammad Irfan bin Norazman
tarikh lahir: 9 December 2001 (bulan ramadhan)
time: kul 3 pg tak ingat hari apa....
tempat lahir: Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar
dokter yg menyambut: Dr Norashikin Mokhtar
dokter baby: Dr kamaruddin
pemberi nama: tok kodiang tanya mufti perlis.. dia yg bagi nama irfan.. muhammad tu cam besa kami la yg bagi..
panggilan: irfan, abg ngah panggilan kami anak beranak..

nama: Nur Khadijah Sufiah binti Norazman
tarikh lahir: 18 Oktober 2004 (bulan ramadhan)
time: tepat waktu berbuka puasa.. lagi 4 hari nak raya.. org azan je.. dia keluar.. hehehe
tempat lahir: Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar
dokter yg menyambut: Dr Norashikin Mokhtar
dokter baby: Dr kamaruddin
pemberi nama: abi ngan umi dia.. tak tanya dah orang lain..
panggilan: sufiah, kakak panggilan kami anak beranak..

no. 4
nama: Nur Fatimah Nabihah binti Norazman
tarikh lahir: 28 Jan 2006 (bukan bulan ramadhan)
time: tak ingat
tempat lahir: Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar
dokter yg menyambut: Dr Norashikin Mokhtar
dokter baby: Dr kamaruddin
pemberi nama: umi abi..
panggilan: nabihah, biya, adik panggilan kami anak beranak..

first baby ni.. mmg suspen la.. jatuh sket pi klinik.. and rasanya.. harith la yang paling kerap jatuh katil.. hehehe.. sib baik tak tinggi katil tu.. and harith jugak la yg pernah terkunci lam bilik kat umah wan shah alam... masa tu geram ngan dia.. biarkan dia lam bilik and tutup.. tetiba dia pi tekan lock.. pastu dia tak reti nak bukak pintu tu.. apa lagi.. wan dia pi amek tukul pecahkan pintu tu.. langsung wan dapat pintu bilik baru.. hehehe... yg lain ada gak jatuh katil.. tapi idak le sampai bawak gi klinik.. harith je dapat special treatment.. hehehe.. maklum la.. first baby...

harith masa kecik selalu sakit.. tapi tak penah duduk ward pun... irfan laks.. jarang kene.. tapi masa dia umur setahun.. dia sakit sampai masuk ward.. and kebetulan time tu aku tak de kat mesia.. outstation.. so abi dia la yg jaga.. ala.. tapi jaga apenye.. maid ada masa tu.. so maid la yg dok spital berganti ngan wan dia.. and masa ni mmg bila sakit.. bawak dia ke klinik mahal la.. sebab mmg terus jumpa pakar.. tapi adik2 dia.. makin lama bawak pi klinik biasa je.. heheheh..

nabihah ni.. macam along dia la... penyakit pun menurun dari along dia kot.. kulit tak berapa cantik..

err.. stop sini dulu la... nanti sambung..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Other Businesses

salam diary,
my other bisnes ni.. apart from webdesigning ni and jual kuih raya ni, i also sell tudung.. and yang terbaru, saya jual tudung practical spandex (the name given by the supplier).. and i really love it.. pengganti tudung yang i ada sekarang.. idak le berfesyen benor.. tapi so far.. alhamdulillah i like it...

harganye pun murah la dibandingkan dengan tudung2 yg saya minat di pasaran tu... and so far.. alhamdulillah.. ramai jugak yang mencari tudung jenis ni.. and mmg fesyen sekarang pun tudung cenggini...

satu lagi.. bunga hiasan or lain perkataan barang hiasan.... this one saya tolong kawan je.. dia mintak tolong untuk jualkan bagi pihak dia.. ni ada few gambar.. lelong lelong.. sape nak beli leh bgtau...

Bunga Sudut 3 Bulan Biru - RM198.00

Balang Kuih sekali ngan bakul tembaga - RM350.00 (5 X RM70)

Bunga Hiasan TV - RM120

Tart Sekundang

salam diary,
ni gambar tart sekundang yang aku jual ever since 2005.. dah masuk 3 thn dah... mmg sedap.. dan alhamdulillah, sambutan yang diterima tahun ni amat menggalakkan.. sampaikan kakak yang buat tu pun tak menang tangan and 2 3 round gak la buat kuih nih.. alhamdulillah.. rasanya aku je la so called agen kuih raya dia yang paling bagus.. untuk tart sekundang ni la. eheheh.. sebab aku tengok orang lain tak de pun amek berkotak2.. aku je... coz mmg tahun ni aku concentrate more on selling tart sekundang ni.. walaupun ada jugak jual almond london akak ni.. almond london yg dia buat pun sedap.. ada few friends yang comment.. depa kata sedap..

Dah ada permintaan untuk Hari Raya Haji ni.. tapi belum pasti.. kene tanya empunya badan dulu... yang pasti Raya tahun depan insya allah ada... bagi yang nak mencuba atau pun yg sudah mencuba, tunggu raya tahun depan la.. insyaallah akan dibuka jualan untuk tart sekundang!


below are some of the testimonial from those yang dah pernah rasa tart nih..

Testimoni 1
Tart sekundang tu memang sedap. Saya tetiap tahun order ngan Harsa. Harsa, sila amik order che nooo... sempena ramadhan... jenuh dah order nie...
Pada pendapat che la kan... dough dia tu sendiri memang ada citarasa yang tersendiri. Tak pernah jumpa rasa yang sebegitu kat memana tart yang lain. Atau combination kulit dan inti yang serasi itu yang menjadikan rasanya begitu special ? Apakah rahsianya ek ? - Awa

Testimoni 2
HARSA... ni nak cerita pasal Sis in law liza yg terlalu gila kan Tart Sekundang Harsa yg liza beli hari tu:

liza order 100 kan, 50 kat rumah, 50 kat kampung. utk mom inlaw liza kasi biskut lain Badam bercoklat.

then balik dr kg, liza buat mini opn hse utk inlaws dtg beraya.. so keluarlah segala kerepek dan biskut. Liza plak buat macaroni bakar, nasi impit n ayam masak serai...sis in law ni hantu macaroni so dia dook lah mengadap macaroni tanpa memandang biskut2 kat meja.

dah makan we all berkumpul kat meja biskut sambil stori mori pasal raya. sekali dia terpandang tart sekundang harsa tuh... mak ai... cantiknya biskut... komen sis in law... liza kata makan dulu, nnt rasa sesedap kecantikan biskut tu... after try 1, dan lagi dan lagi.... last2 dia kata ...perut akak dah kenyang sgt tp tart ni sedapppp sgt.

cerita tart tk habis mlm tuh. Esoknya dia pi stori kat kengkawan office...katanya... I makan tart kat rumah adik i sedaaap sgt, cantikk sgt. dgn cerita dia tu, kawan2 opis tergoda. Itu yg liza call harsa tanya boleh order lg tk. Then bila harsa kata tk leh, dia frust trus masuk internet, search. Kebetulan ada org katanya pandai buat sanggup terima order.

Semalam dia call liza suruh dtg rumah dia try tart sekundang yg dia order dr johor tuh... Dia frusst sgt sbb rupa dan rasa tak seperti harsa punye tu. Memang, liza rasa pun tk sesedap sekundang gebu, tk cantik dan bunga nya tk sekembang sekundang harsa. yg best tu. jelly yg disangka ceri tuh dipotong ikut suka hati jer...

Dek kesian, liza balik rumah (sib baik rumah dekat), liza korek balang ada lah dalam 10 biji tinggal tart sekundang harsa....liza kasi semua kat dia... punya dia happy . Katanya.. kalau boleh raya haji ni tolong order ... thn depan pun nak jugak...hahahha.. boleh ker harsa raya haji ni?

Itu lah kisah Sis in law liza dan tart sekundang harsa... - Liza

Testimoni 3
tart sekundang tu mmg sedap.... x jemu makan – Eija

Testimoni 4
ia adalah sejenis kuih dari kalangan tart ie mempunyai jem di dalam pastry... berbentuk seperti bunga... kenapa diberi nama sekundang ? hanya harsa yang boleh menjawabnye.. huhuhu. tapi rasanya...ermmmm... sungguh lah mabeles... tetiap tahun musti order punya lah... kak emy must try.... - Awa

Friday, October 17, 2008

My new Project

salam diary,
i've got new project from Fakulti Engineering, USM.. buat website for their journals.. its an open source application.. tapi pening jugak la nak belajar.. its new to me.. all this while i offer CMS in JOOMLA but this time OJS (Open Journal System) plak.. tak penah guna pun.. so ni dok terkial2 nak buat nih...

dah 2 3 hari cam tak de mood nak buat.. agaknya sebab tak de idea kot.. but today, have to concentrate lah.. takut kang tetiba depa nak tengok demo.. tak buat ape lagi.. but actually dah start sket.. leh preview at OJS

i'm more to guna JOOMLA CMS.. some of my projects in the making:

Projects yang dah up and running leh tengok kat my Past and Current Projects list tu..

walaupun aku caj idak le mahal benor.. tapi nak membuatnye.. teruk la jugak.. mmg la dia CMS.. tapi tang design tu leceh sket la.. kene ikut kehendak customer la kan.. kalau tak, tak de bisnes la...

ok.. nak continue buat OJS...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Raya 2008

salam diary,
cite kat blog ni dah tunggang terbalik.. hehehe.. mana rasa nak tulis.. aku tulis...

raya tahun ni adalah giliran kampung aku kat shah alam je... raya kat shah alam ni biasa je la...
so, disebabkan raya sini je.. so Man hanya start cuti ari raya je la.. isnin selasa dia keje lagi.. tapi berulang dari umah mak aku kat 18 je la.. kami pun start ahad 28 sept tu mmg dah balik umah mak kat 18.. kami yg beria berkampung kat kampung shah alam.. hehehe...

tahun ni, seperti tahun2 lain, kami masak kuah kacang campur daging (my favourite dish), nasi impit, rendang ayam, masak lodeh.. tu je our main dish.. yang lelain tu.. sedara mara yang datang bawak.. ada ketupat nasi, pelbagai kuah kacang, rendah dsb.

Tahun ni complete kami 4 beradik ada kat shah alam, so meriah la.. lepas solat raya, kami bersalam2an dan bertukar2 duit raya.. hehee.. maknanya mak long bagi duit raya kat anak2 sedara, mak ngah bagi kat anak2 sedara, ayah lang, and busu... memasing la bagi kat anak2 sedara memasing.. pastu sesi fotografi.. ni yg tragis ni...

memula aku ngan anak2 je berposing.. Man amek gambar.. pas tu Man pulak ngan anak2 bergambar.. so bila time nak bergambar reramai, aku pass camera digital yang baru berumur setahun 5 bulan tu pada anak sedara aku bernama alya untuk dia snap gambar kami.. tapi tah macam mana.. aku dah lepas camera tu tapi dia lom sempat pegang.. so pecah berderai sampai terkeluar bateri camera tu.. and the lense terkeluar dah tak leh masuk dah.. argghhh.. tensennya... "hayat camera digital tu takat itu aje" , Man memujuk aku.. time tu dah tensen je... tak sempat nak gambar anak beranak... so simpan je la camera tu.. sampai sekang lom pi antar kedai lagi...

ada gak bergambar.. tapi guna camera pak long and busu nye la.. tak syok la kan.. dia best if kat camera sendiri... and kene tunggu la diorang bagi gambar tu kat kite..

err.. nanti la aku masukkan gambar2 yang ada nih... tungggguuu..

Tart Nenas - My Favourite

Salam diary,
pasal tart ni.. tak tau la ye.. obses sangat ngan kuih tart ni.. mmg dari dulu.. kalau pi beraya umah sape pun.. if ada tart.. yang tu la yang saya bedal dulu.. tapi i prefer tart tradisional yang macam kat bawah ni.. ni gambar i ambik dari internet.. sebab tak jumpa lagi yg real untuk diambil gambar..
ni resepinya yang diberi:
Tat Nenas
Sumber: Magnolia

500 gram mentega
100 gram gula aising
3 biji telur (3 putih dan 2 kuning)
70 gram susu tepung
750 gram tepung gandum (biasenye ikut lembut supaya mudah ditekan)
1 sudu teh esen vanila

1. Satukan mentega dan gula aising, kacau sekejap. Tak yah nak buat creamy method cam kek tu.
2. Masukkan telur, kacau sebati dan masukkan esen vanilla.
3. Kemudian masukkan tepung susu dan tepung gandum. Uli perlahan-perlahan kalau rasa adunan melekit di jari, tambah tepung sikit demi sedikit. Semasa masukkan tepung jangan masukkan semua sekali, masuk sikit demi sedikit supaya adunan tidak terkeras. Sepatutnya adunan tu agak lembut (tak lembik) supaya senang dipicit keluar dari acuan tart gulung.
4. Letak inti dan gulung. Bakar sampai masak dan kekuningan. Tart ini memang gebu dan sedap.

NOTA: Kalau nak kulit tat kekuningan sikit, letak pewarna kuning sebelum masukkan tepung kedalam adunan. Dan kalau rajin sapu kuning telur diatas biskut sebelum dibakar..

Satu lagi is bahulu gulung or bahulu lapis.. yg jem nya is jem nenas la.. hehe.. best gak nih...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

As a full time house wife

i quit my last job on 31st aug 2007. so, dok umah jaga anak..bila kite kata kite tak keje, dok umah.. orang mesti kata.. bestnya dok umah or duit dah banyak.. so boleh la dok umah... hmmm.. ye ke best? to me best sebab leh jaga anak2 sendiri.. tapi sungguh memenatkan.. especially bila nak make sure umah kemas.. if tak bersih or kemas.. mata sendiri yang tensen.. tapi kekadang tu biarkan aje sepah.. tak larat rasanya nak dok mengemas je.. banyak pro n cons nye as a house wife ni.. terpulang pada memasing la..

ari tu ada sekali.. kaki sakit.. jumpa dokter.. dokter tengok dia kata kaki ni bengkak.. mungkin sebab banyak berdiri.. and dia siap cakap.. pi keje la.. kalau keje leh duduk je.. tak banyak berdiri.. kalau dok umah ni.. banyak berdiri n banyak kerja.. kite jadik letih.. hahaha... tapi mmg betul la kata dokter tu.. dok umah lagi banyak keje dari pi opis.. but no comment.. tengok mak2 kite dulu ok jeee.. lagi ramai anak2.. ok je depa kan... tapi wallahualam la camne keadaan umah tu.. hehehe... ni yg anak 4 ni macam kapal pecah dah.. kalau saya buat tak tau je.. pejam mata je.. masya allah.. saya pun tak sanggup nak tengok keadaan umah ni.. kite kemas depan, dapur sepah, kemas dapur, depan lak sepah.. tak sampai 5 minit kemas.. sepah balik... tang meja makan.. jgn cakap la.. baru je kemas.. ada balik pinggan ka cawan ka.. ada je yg berterabur (makanan) atas meja tu.. restoran open 24 hours la...

after a couple of months, in nov 2007, saya join MLM.. well.. dapat banyak jugak la.. cuma agak memenatkan... memerlukan commitment yg tinggi.. but mmg macam tu la if kite nak berjaya.. if bisnes conventional pun i think lagi hebat commitment yg diperlukan if kite nak bebetul berjaya... i cannot cope with it.. banyak halangan (alasan je nih)..but i continue for a few months.. mmg lumayan la..

eventhough dah jadik full time house wife.. tapi if ada yang memerlukan trainer especially untuk ajar subject IT, saya pegi juge.. ada la few tempat yang saya pegi mengajar.. 3 hari dapat rm1200 ok gak kan.. tapi ikut la.. bisnes ni kene banyak contact.. itu yang penting.. kalau tak de network.. susah sket la.. cite pasai bisnes ni under topik lain la kot..

and now dah october 2008.. i've been a full time house wife for 1yr and 2 months...

My Bisnes

dalam pada dok umah tu.. saya terpikir.. i need to do something untuk dapatkan extra income.. i really need money untuk bayar utang yang belum abis ni...

ever since 2006, i've started buat website untuk my school alumni.. tapi ni voluntarily work.. i did'nt get paid for it.. tak pe.. its my contribution to the school and lagi pun.. masih belajar buat website ni... actually my first customer yg buat website ngan saya is buat simple je and the fee mmg tak terdapat di pasaran la.. yela masa tu mana reti lagi nak caj brape website design ni...

then lepas tu... dapat la a few.. semuanya kengkawan je... and i really concentrate on website designing ni.. yg jual kerepek n kuih ni semua buat jugak.. cuma tak se aktif dulu la.. bulan posa tahun ni.. mmg totally concentrate buat website member.. so kuih raya tu.. amek order cenggitu je.. tapi alhamdulillah.. sambutan menggalakkan jugak especially my tart sekundang.. nak tengok rupa dia.. leh search kat google.. just type tart sekundang.. pasti ada lam list.. hehehehe...

why i really love doing website designing? sebab kite berinteraksi ngan computer je kot.. tak perlu sangat jumpa orang.. sekali sekala tu perlu la... time nak discuss on the design and layout.. pastu bile website dah siap.. nak ajar camne nak update.. so itu je la... senang sket.. lain ngan MLM tu.. hehehe.. nak kene pujuk orang join bla bla bla.. tapi mmg camtu la pun ngan bisnes yg saya buat.. kene gak pujuk orang amek package kite.. ye tak... sama je.. cuma cara n product je lain...

talking about bisnes, tak leh lari dari contact.. tak kira la sape.. we need the contact... its for our bisnes network... sebab terlalu ramai yg buat bisnes.. bisnes web designing ni pun rasanya beribu orang pun buat bisnes yang sama.. so, if kite ada contact, possibility untuk dia buat ngan kite is quite high..

talking about bisnes online ni, kekadang customer tak paham, bila dah buat website.. dia ingat leh duduk goyang kaki depan komputer.. they are wrong.. we still have to do offline marketing.. online ni dah tak perlu jaga dah... unless your product tu semua are electronic macam e-book ka, etc.. then tak perlu la offline.. but if you are selling cakes, kerepek or ape2 yg physical, then you need also to do offline marketing to market your product...

website ni penting for those yang mungkin susah nak datang ke tempat kite, so at least, they can first see our products thru the net, before they really come to our place.. and kekadang customer ni just nak shopping around dulu.. nak tengok2 je dulu... so website ni penting for them to look around before they decide to buy them..

Ayat-ayat Cinta

tadi tengok cite Ayat-ayat cinta nih.. indonesian film di tv3. saje nak tengok komen korang especially yg tengok cite ni la..

bg yg tak tengok, aku ringkaskan, cite dia pasal this guy from indonesia pi mesir belajar kat al-azhar... jirannya kristian dan dok berkenan kat dia.. ada sorang lagi awek pun berkenan kat dia gak.. tapi this guy kawen ngan orang lain.. so yg kristian ni bila kene langgar (ada org nak bunuh dia), koma tapi dok sebut nama this guy.. and awek sorang lagi yg minat dia ni buat fitnah kata this guy rape dia (she actually nak balas dendam coz this guy tak layan cinta dia).. the wife, bile tengok the kristian girl tu dying, dia suh laki dia kawen ngan this girl.. poligami la.. hehehe... sure ada yang bengang ngan tindakan wife ni kan.. hehehe... so lastly, depa hidup bersama but at the end the kristian girl(dah masuk islam bile kawen ngan this guy) meninggal sebab sakit ape tah.. sekian..

actually bila tv3 start promo pasal cite ni.. cam teruja nak tengok.. dah agak ni mesti kesah cintan cintun tapi teringin nak tengok sebab yang menarik perhatian is dalam gazette tu ada tunjuk perbezaan agama.. and latar belakang mmg menarik.. so tadi tengok la..

well, personally, jalan cerita dia mmg menarik.. walaupun biasa aje.. cuma agak terharu la n tak expect pun cite dia macam ni.. hehe where the wife suh husband dia poligami.. hmm.. ada sebab yang kukuh tu...

dan banyak perkara jugak yg kite boleh pelajari dari cite ni.. one of them masa scene kat penjara tu... Sabar dan Ikhlas itu ISLAM.. dia kaitkan cite ni ngan kesah nabi yusuf n zulaika tu.. (this guy dipenjara sebab kes fitnah tu)..

overall, interesting la.. agak2 in certain situation, sanggup tak buat decision macam the first wife tu?

teringat rancangan MHI rasanya ari rabu or kamis lepas.. pakar motivasi pn robiah hamzah cakap, jodoh mmg ketentuan Allah, buat macam mana pun.. Allah yg akan tentukan.. so if suami nak cerai ka, ape ka.. relakan aje.. walaupun kite dah berkorban ape saje untuk dia.. tak kire la sebab ape pun si suami nak buat macam tu.. kite kene ikhlas dan sabar.. jodoh ni mmg kite tak leh buat ape dah... so si isteri, terima se adanya.. dan teruskan idup.. jodoh kite ngan dia setakat ni saje.. (heh cam aku lak pakar motivasi)... ni base pahaman aku dari rancangan MHI tu ye.. setuju ke tak tu.. hanya aku yg memutuskannya..

ni ada poem from the internet.. i luv it..


Ya Allah...jika aku jatuh cinta
cintakanlah aku pada seseorang yang melabuhkan cintanya pada-Mu
Agar bertambah kekuatan ku untuk mencintai-Mu. ...

Ya Allah.....Jika aku jatuh cinta
Jagalah cintaku padanya
agar tidak melebihi cinta ku pada Mu
Ya Allah...Jika aku jatuh hati....
Izinkanlah aku menyentuh hati seseorang
yang hatinya tertaut pada Mu
agar tidak aku terjatuh dalam jurang cinta nafsu...

Ya Rabbani....jika aku jatuh hati
jagalah hati ku padanya agar tidak aku berpaling kepada Mu
Ya Rabbul Izzati......Jika aku rindu
jagalah rinduku padanya
agar tidak aku lalai dalam merindukan syurga Mu...
Ya Allah....Jika aku menikmati cinta kekasih Mu
Janganlah kenikmatan itu melebihi kenikmatan indahnya bermunajat
di sepertiga malam terakhir Mu

Ya Allah....jika aku jatuh hati pada seseorang
jangan biarkan aku bertatih dan terjatuh
dalam perjalanan yang panjang menyeru manusia kepada Mu
Ya Allah....jika kau halalkan aku merindui seseorang
jangan biarkan aku melampaui batas
sehingga melupakan aku pada cinta hakiki
dan rindu abadi hanya pada Mu

Ya Allah.....Engkau mengetahui bahawa hati-hati ini telah berhimpun
dalam cinta pada Mu

Telah berjumpa untuk taat kepada Mu
setelah bersatu dalam dakwah Mu
telah berpadu dalam membela syariat mu
Kukuhkanlah ikatannya

Ya Allah
kekalkanlah ikatannya
tunjukilah jalan-jalannya
penuhilah hati-hati ini dengan Nur Mu yang tidak pernah pudar
lapangkan lah dada-dada kami dengan keimanan kepada Mu dan keindahan
bertwakal ke jalan Mu

Ya Rabbal Alamin

karya : DEJAVU

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My job as a trainer

ni sambung balik cite dari 2005.. hehehe..
so in february 2005, i started a new job as an IT Trainer.. masuk keje je terus kene outstation ke sabah.. suspens gak.. tapi seronok.. seronok keje mengajar ni.. dapat bagi ilmu kat orang lain and at the same time kite sendiri pun meningkatkan ilmu kite..

masa tu kat kudat marina resort.. mmg resort tu sebelah pantai la.. kalau tak silap.. the last day of training (training tu was for 7 days and 6 nights).. ada amaran tsunami.. kan tsunami dec 2004 kan.. so cam baru lagi la.. kalau betul tsunami tu, kami la dulu yang kena.. tapi that time macam tak risau pun... tah la.. agaknya ngantuk sangat.. so tido je.. tapi dengar cite ada 1 girl ni (government staff) yg observe our training ni tak tido langsung.. ketakutan.. dia dok kat lobby je.. so my staff kene jaga dia.. hehehe.. sib baik i dah tido..

bekerja di KL and particularly kat this company, mengajar saya banyak perkara.. social life, traffic jam life.. and so on..

so, working with this company mmg seronok.. best.. susah nak dapat aa keje macam ni di tempat lain.. but unfortunately.. i have to quit disebabkan masalah MAID.. haaaa.. ni cite maid ni.. banyak kesahnya.. tapi.. tak yah dikenang la pasal maid nih... so.. because of the maid.. saya resign 24 hours notice.. walaupun berat hati nak resign.. tapi memikirkan anak2.. i quit.. husband pun bagi..(dia mmg suka la..)..

so, i jobless again for the third time.. hmm.. orang lain keje kat 1 tempat tu sampai berbelas tahun.. but saya dah tukar2 keje.. tu la kan.. ketentuan tuhan.. aku pasrah..

and now here i am.. tak keje.. jaga anak.. and tak carik pun keje lain...

How I First Started The Business - cont.

doing bisnes sambil bekerja full time agak memenatkan.. so, mostly saya concentrate time bulan puasa n raya la.. jadik supplier kerepek, kek, kuih raya dan memacam lagi la... tapi that time, saya lebih pada kek n kerepek je... so sambil jadik cekgu kat private school, saya juga meniaga sambilan.. during this time, i started belajar buat website coz besides teaching, i also kene develop website for the school registration system.. so masa ni la.. wujudnya my one and only website gile jugak la buat website tu.. something new and interesting.. dulu masa belajar kat U ada gak la belajar sket2 buat website ni... so mmg menarik..

masa tulis ni.. saya baru teringat.. dulu masa keje tempat lama dulu.. b4 tahun 2003 lagi.. ada sekali saya ada jual nasi lemak kat ofis.. tapi mak yang buat.. saya tukang jual je.. hmm baru teringat yang actually penah gak berniaga kecil2an sebelum ni.. but i think that time bukan kire bisnes la.. just saje jual2.. mak buat nasi lemak bungkus.. yg seringgit satu tu.. saya bawak ke ofis.. and ofismate beli tu je la if depa tak sempat nak kuar breakfast.. tapi rasanya bertahan for a couple of week je kot.. sebab makin lama makin boring la tetiap hari makan nasi lemak.. heheheh.. agaknya dari situ start developing darah nak meniaga ni kot.. hehehe

so back to current years... after 2 years working at the private school, saya cuti confinement.. bersalin anak no 3.. bersalin bulan 10, so after 2 months, i should be reporting to the school.. ingat lagi, jan 2005, boss call saying that he no longer need my service at the school.. if ada job vacancy lain, he will call me, bla bla bla.. masa tu tak kesah pun sebab rasa cam dah boring gak keje situ.. walaupun contract tapi gaji idak le besar mana.. epf pun tak de.. so i'm jobless again..

so dok umah tak buat ape.. until end january 2005, i apply another job...

hmm.. ni cite pasai bisnes ke pasai my work? tah la.. hantam saja la labuuu.. blog aku.. suka hati aaa nak tulis pasal ape pun.. hehehe..

rasanya ni pasal life kerja n bisnes la kot.. pasal family nanti ek...

adios for now..

Friday, October 10, 2008

How I First Started The Business

salam, ni saje nak cite sket how i started buat bisnes...

i've started a business way back in 2003 actually...
sebelum ni tak pernah termimpi nak berbisnes2 ni.. rasa macam susahnye nak bercakap or bagitau yang kite ada jual something.. but in the end of 2002, i was retrenched from a Singapore based company kat KL... masa tu kat s'pore tengah recession... so ada effect kat malaysia.. and saya salah seorang yang terlibat.. so, i was jobless.

menganggur ada la lam 4 bulan.. but tak bole tahan maaa.. financially.. ada carik2 keje jugak.. tapi belum ada rezeki.. so masa tu la.. i try jual something.. masa tu i kenal sorang of my super duper senior masa sekolah dulu yang jual kek coklat n carrot cake.. memula tu makan sendiri.. mmg teramat la sedapnya.. so i decided to promote.. saje je nak test market.. so ada la buyer.. n my customer kata mmg sedap.. customer ni.. heheh memula tu my own family la.. so sejak dari tu.. banyak juga yang i jual kek kakak ni..

in april 2003, i dapat keje as a teacher at a private school in subang jaya.. masa ni jual kerepek.. letak kat koperasi depa.. ok gak.. kek still on.. kerepek pun on.. time raya mmg banyak order la.. masa tu la start cam best plak niaga ni.. but still, deep inside.. masih malu la nak bukak mulut nak cite pasal bisnes.. and rasanya sampai sekarang pun.. bila kite jual barang.. just tunjuk barang tu. tak cerita lebih.. kalau customer nak, depa beli.. if not.. tak beli.. kelakar kan.. tah ape2 tah niaga camni.. tak reti langsung buat marketing.. tapi so far alhamdulillah.. customer still carik i if nak beli cake or kerepek nih..

actually ada gak buat MLM.. tapi (tak leh nak bagi alasan)....saya rasa kite leh berjaya dengan MLM ni.. tapi (again tak leh bagi alasan).. heheheh...

sambung lain kali la.. anak kacau la pulak...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gaya tido anak2 ku

salam diary,
dah amek gambar ni lama dah.. hehe.. tengokkan gaya diorang tido ni lebih kurang je... gaya tangan dan kaki tu lebih kurang je...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eagle Ranch Aug 2008

salam diary,
actually i have no intention to go to eagle ranch for holiday.. but because i receive a free voucher for one night stay at eagle ranch for free, so we agree to bring the children there.. i was selected to receive the voucher for becoming the first 100 members of Anjung Seri.. hehe unexpected.. this is my 2nd time being tha Anjung Seri Magazine members.. i did not renewed my membership the last time i registered.. so i have subscribe the membership again. so here are the photos taken while we were there.. my children looooovvvveee playing in the pool.. the regular activity if we go to any hotels...

ni view pool kat situ..

ni bertiga beradik mandi sakan.. -->

<-- bertiga dok posing sakan ehhh...

ni macam nak bergaduh je.. dalam air pun nak bergumpal depa 2 orang nih... -->

ni yusof
8 yrs old

<-- this is irfan 7 yrs old sufiah 4 yrs old

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kenduri Dila

salam diary,
on the 13th of july 2008, kenduri my last adik kat dewan mbsa shah alam.. malam sebelum hari kejadian, kami dah pegi dah meninjau2 tempat nak mengatur strategi untuk hari besar esoknya... lebih kurang kul 9mlm dewan tutup..

so the very next morning lam kul 8 pagi.. kitorang semua dah ada kat dewan siapkan apa yang patut kecuali pengantin la.. pengantin tinggai kat umah...

these are few pictures yang ada dalam koleksi.. nanti masukkan lagi...
sorry.. gambar kat dewan mbsa tak de... gambar along and family je ada..

ni along and family

on 20th july baru kat sebelah lelaki kat dewan risda ampang...

gambar sekeluarga with pengantin

me and anak2 with pengantin pompuan

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