Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moving Up North?

hmm... new change in life? are we going to settle down kat utara? anak2 kene tukar sekolah? new environment? tak de shopping complex yg gah macam kat KL? no more IKEA, IKANO on weekend? Giant, Tesco will be 10km away from home?

am i going to cope with this environment? hmmm.. mmg very new.. sebab all this while.. semuanya dekat to me.. nak gi giant senang, tesco senang... happening la kan dok kat KL nih.. but sometimes we need changes..

lately hubby actively looking for new jobs.. attended few interview.. and recently interview kat Utara.. so far.. positive feedback.. tapi still belum confirm lagi la actually.. but since day one dia dipanggil interview.. dok doa agar dapat keje tu.. so boleh la dok utara nun.. hehehe..

will know the results this few weeks la kot.. really hope that he will get the job.. so aku leh relax kat umah and concentrate with my own SOHO.. bestnyeee....

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