Friday, July 17, 2009

Very inspirational...

Quote from Nadal:

"I have to accept my defeat as I accept my victories - with calm. I have to keep a cool head to try and analyse what I did wrong. I need to learn, and you learn more when you lose than when you win. I need to work on those points on which I wasn't good and from there try and do better for my next tournament. So this is not a tragedy, losing here. It has to happen one day. This is sport, and you can have victories or defeats. No one remembers defeats in the long run. People remember victories so I have to move forward and try and prepare the best I can."
-Rafael Nadal-
NO.1 tennis player who lost during the French Open

p/s: trying to be calm and cool


  1. phuh! memang sgt inspiring!! lebih2 lagi buat nadal fan macam hu..

  2. yep.. saw your posting la harsa masukkan the very inspirational quotes from nadal.. hehe.. so don't give up in any ways ya.. same goes to me.. huhuhu..

    err.. actually tadi ada antar comment.. tapi tak kuar.. hehe.. tak reti gak sebenarnya ngan blogspot nih..


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